Anthroposophy in New Zealand

Looking at the unique make-up of an individual when prescribing therapies, medicines or treatments

What is holistic care?

There are a number of groups and individuals providing medical, healing and care work that comes out of indications given by Rudolf Steiner. These include residential homes, school and workshops at Hohepa Homes through to the therapies provided by practitioners, anthroposophical nurses and doctors around New Zealand. Care is given through a holistic approach to wellbeing that can encompass medicine, therapy, education, meditation and creative activity.

What is Anthroposophic medicine?

Anthroposophic medicine has ties to homeopathy and looks at the unique make-up – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – of an individual when prescribing therapies, medicines or treatments. Rudolf Steiner began working with practitioners before 1920 and in 1921 the first anthroposophic medical clinic was opened.


There are a number of therapies that come out of the teaching of Rudolf Steiner. These often work in conjunction with other aspects of self-care and wellbeing. Therapies include nursing, eurythmy, music, speech, drama and artistic therapy. There are trained practitioners working in these areas in New Zealand with links to a wider international network of practitioners, trainers and professional bodies.


Hohepa is a disability service provider, catering for children and adults with an intellectual disability. In Hawke’s Bay, Hohepa has a school and homes for children, and services for adults. The adult service includes a range of residential life-styles and daytime vocational services. In Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, services cater for adults, with residential support and day services programmes. The Auckland service includes support to young adults making the transition from schooling, into services and community of their choice.