The Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand exists to foster new connections and relationships between people, to further spiritual scientific research, and to enable anthroposophy to live more actively in the world.  

To this end, it will seek to financially support anthroposophical work that is alive and needed today, as well as nurture new initiatives that look to the future, but which might otherwise have difficulty taking root in the world.    

All requests are considered within the context of the aims and objectives of the Society as laid out in the Society’s Rules, and according to the guidelines set out by the Charity Commission. It is important that all Anthroposophical Society financial support is used in a way that is in keeping with the Society's charitable public benefit aims, that is, to cultivate Anthroposophy through artistic, scientific and educational activities in the broadest sense of these concepts.  

To promote colleagueship and mutual encouragement and help overcome the fragmentation which can exist within the wider anthroposophical movement, the Society is particularly keen to consider applications within the context of the different Sections of the School of Spiritual Science and the mutual support and structure that these can give. 

 The Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand places a high value on trust, transparency, goodwill, and the working together of individuals to further our common goals in a responsible and professional way.

There are possibilities for Funding to come via the Tinderbox Grant Fund or the Crystal Bridge Loan Fund

Tinderbox Grant Fund financial support takes two basic forms:  

1. Sponsorship – support for events (conferences, performances, exhibitions etc.)  
2. Grant funding – support for initiatives, work projects, research and spiritual scientific work  

Crystal Bridge Loan Fund financial support is primarily to help students fund course fees for some endeavour connected to Anthroposophy.

Please note, all fields with an asterisk must be completed, and the form can only be completed in one sitting, so please make sure you have all the relevant information with you when you begin.

Tinderbox Application Form

Crystal Bridge Application Form - link still to be completed - coming soon.