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Anthroposophy is a global movement based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. It takes many concrete forms in New Zealand within many varied educational, therapeutic and creative disciplines. Steiner schools and kindergartens, Hohepa homes, Weleda, Taruna College and biodynamics all bring Anthroposophy into their work.


Social Development & Enterprise

Health and Wellbeing

Biodynamic Agriculture

Anthroposophical Society Conference 2021

Come and celebrate our renewed ability to gather together for this year’s Society annual conference in Kirikiriroa. Through the three key speakers, workshop facilitators and artistic performers, and with new forms? and questions, we will engage consciously and in real time with the theme of Transforming through the Critical Social Encounter.


Two threads work together within Anthroposophy: an expansion of perception and knowledge (spiritual realism); and, the development of individual responsibility for actions (ethical individualism).

Anthroposophy provides an individual path of spiritual development, visible in the arts, in social forms and practical initiatives.

Rudolf Steiner

Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was a philosopher, scientist, artist, social reformer, writer, architect and scholar.

His thinking and teaching informs activities, organisations, initiatives and individuals all over the world working in diverse disciplines.

In New Zealand this includes Waldorf Schools, biodynamic farming, Hohepa Homes, Weleda and Anthroposophical medicine, eurythmy practice and the adult education programmes run from Taruna College.

Essay: Knowing and helping reality

2 years ago

THE CORE PURPOSE OF ANTHROPOSOPHY I am convinced that Rudolf Steiner wanted hundreds of thousands if not millions of people practicing spiritual science by the beginning of the 21st century. But...

“I think at the most basic level Anthroposophy has given me an incredible grounding, self awareness and sense of security that allows me to know the challenges in the world and equips me to meet those challenges with absolute love and understanding.”

- Lisa Seidel

“For me the wisdom of human beings is what I’m striving to realise in myself and bring out in others. Through being able to access the literature I found a world where even when I am alone, I am connected and in union with the whole.”

- Thomas Burton