Anthroposophy in New Zealand


There are regular events held on a range of subjects throughout the regions, as well as nationwide events held annually.


ECHOES from the Future: What is our response?

In the midst of such far-reaching social change with enormous  possibilities for good and for evil, deep questions arise about the true nature  of the  human being, about the  times in which we are  living and  about our responsibility for the future of the earth and of humanity. What spiritual  consciousness is called  for by these enormous  challenges and what spiritual resources are  at hand? 

This Conference will ask what kind of society we want and how practically we can get there. Inspiring young people are showing the way, building resilient communities, demanding intergenerational justice, developing meaningful work and acting to restore and enrich the Commons. They are showing us what is possible when we stay the course and support each other with commitment, presence and energy in face of the challenges which echo from the future.

“Anthroposophy is a pathway through life. It gives me a certain surety in terms of who I am and how I can function in the world and make sense of it.”

- Mark Geard

“I felt like I’d come home, like I belonged, I felt some really strong connection. I love the fact that there was so much that you can keep exploring and following your interest.”

- Peter Garlick