Anthroposophy in New Zealand


Individuals from all walks of life actively engage in Anthroposophy and in so doing initiate activities and organisations that become the embodiment of Anthroposophical work in New Zealand.


An engaging voyage of discovery, both of the world and of oneself.

Biodynamic Agriculture

Rethinking conventional approaches to land management, soil management, food production, and animal care.

Health and Wellbeing

Looking at the unique make-up of an individual when prescribing therapies, medicines or treatments

Social Development & Enterprise

Working for good through anthroposophy.

“I think at the most basic level Anthroposophy has given me an incredible grounding, self awareness and sense of security that allows me to know the challenges in the world and equips me to meet those challenges with absolute love and understanding.”

- Lisa Seidel

“It’s a way of understanding the human being in a holistic way. Anthroposophy also means for me a very universal way of living in this world and connecting with many different people through it.”

- Silke Carter