Anthroposophy in New Zealand


There are regular events held on a range of subjects throughout the regions, as well as nationwide events held annually.

Meditation in Action – Finding the Will to Transform –

Our intention is to explore and discuss the power of Meditation, fostering a discussion between the tension of inner and outer work. How do we find the right balance to live in the 21st century and to respond to the needs of the world and of our time? Meditation as a deed or as an inner soothing need? How can Meditation empower change, transformation and social justice. 

21-24 October, Hawke’s Bay – registration fee 

Hawkes Bay Region: $180 ( $160 early bird) 

Rest of North Island: $120 ($100 early bird)

South Island: $80 ( $60 early bird)

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“Anthroposophy is a pathway through life. It gives me a certain surety in terms of who I am and how I can function in the world and make sense of it.”

- Mark Geard

“In essence Anthroposophy for me is the connection to the spiritual world and how that relates to myself and my way in the world.”

- Trish Glover