Guest Speaker – Dr Matthias Girke

The conference will explore the etiology of pain and its expression within the human being. It outlines the anthroposophic approach to understanding archetypal pain processes and o ers insight into how this extended framework can be used when working with individual patients. It introduces possibilities for e effective pain management including supportive therapies and medicinal substances that have potential benefits beyond the limited specific pain control of the opioid, NSAID, or analgesic groups commonly prescribed. This targeted multi -dimensional approach to both acute and chronic pain references the expectations of patients within their individual journey encompassing the causes of pain, the control of symptoms, and finding possibility for self-transformation within the individual biography.

The timetable includes lectures, case studies and discussions both within professional and interdisciplinary groups.

Anthroposophic medicine is based on a methodology that develops the observation and contemplative skills of the individual practioner. It is a concentrated, integrative approach practiced by fully trained health professionals in hospitals, outpatient clinics and private practices worldwide. It represents a best practice example of Integra ve Medicine as de ned by the Academic Consor um for Integra ve Medicine and Health (www.imconsor um.org). For more information about this innovative approach to a more holistic integrative care see h ps://www.ivaa.info/ or h ps://medsek on-goetheanum.org/en/anthroposophic-medicine/


Tickets: Free