Anthroposophy in New Zealand


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Contribution - Crystal Bridge Loan Fund

Founded in 1991, the fund is open to all New Zelanders wishing to undertake study, locally or internationally, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Loans are interest-free and tailored to the individual borrower, but are usually repaid over 1-2 years. There is also a fund or gift money, the prerequisite for such a gift being that it benefits a group of people. Donations to the fund are gratefully received.

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Contribution - New Zealand School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science often referred to as the Class, is actively supported by the work of the class holders. The class holders meet on an annual basis to share. strengthen and deepen their work. They also prepare the annual class conference. we are grateful to have this funds to support class holders and members with travel expenses for this meeting and the conference. 

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Contribution - Performing Arts Fund

We are striving to have a flow of finances towards artistic endeavors in eurythmy, music, speech, and drama. This requires sponsorship, patronage and financial support. 

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Contribution - Tinderbox Gift Fund

The purpose of this fund is to nurture new anthroposophically inspired initiatives by providing ‘tinder for spark’ which then kindles the fire, for example supporting people’s travel costs to get together. The Tinder Box Gift Fund was founded as the result of a generous bequest. We warmly invite you to make a contribution now and/or consider this gift fund in your will.

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Membership - NZ General Anthroposophical Society

This is a tax-deductible contribution and a receipt will be provided. 

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Membership - International General Anthroposophical Society

We will collect this and pass it on to the International Society at the Goetheanum.

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