Anthroposophy in New Zealand


An open society, without political agenda or religious affiliation.


Membership of the Anthroposophical Society is open to any individual who wishes to affirm Anthroposophy and the worldwide work based at the Goetheanum.

This is an open society, without political agenda or religious affiliation. Becoming a member opens up opportunities to meet with others who strive to integrate the spiritual with their everyday life and work. Being a member of a religion, political party or culture, is not a hindrance to joining the Anthroposophical Society. The work of the Society is inspired by the philosophy and spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner. If you would like to join the Society you may wish to first speak with one of the Group Representatives, for more information contact

Apply on line or send your membership application to the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand, Michelle Vette, 15 Leyland Road, Te Awanga, 4102.

Annual Member Contributions & Contact Detail Update Forms

Our basic recommended contribution to the operational budget of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand is $350. This includes sending a specific sum to the Goetheanum on behalf of each member.

This is a guideline only. Contributions to the Society in New Zealand will be tax receipted, but those pledged to the International Society cannot be tax receipted.

The Council also just need to hear from you each year to affirm your intention as a member of the Anthroposophical Society.


We always welcome financial assistance with maintaining specific funds that enable and support individuals working through Anthroposophy.

School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science, often referred to as the Class, is actively supported in New Zealand by the work of the class holders. The class holders meet on an annual basis and prepare the annual Class Conference. Financial support assists with the travel expenses for this meeting and the conference.

Performing Arts in New Zealand

Performances provide incentive for artists and finances support them in their work and preparation. For the most the work is given freely but travel quickly depletes the funds. In the past The Persephone Fund supported those working in the performing arts through Anthroposophy but this has now run dry. To sustain work in this area we need a fresh spring with sponsorship, patronage and financial support for the artistic endeavours in eurythmy, music, speech and drama.

Tinder Box Gift Fund

The purpose of this fund is to nurture new anthroposophically-inspired initiatives by providing ‘tinder for a spark’ that then kindles the fire of activity. By supporting people’s travel costs we can support them in getting together and working on new initiatives. The Tinder Box Gift fund was founded from a generous bequest. We warmly invite you to consider this gift fund in your will.

Crystal Bridge Loan Fund

Crystal Bridge was founded in 1991 as an initiative to help students at Taruna College with their course fees, at a time when there was no possibility of government-sponsored student loans. The fund is open to all New Zealanders wishing to undertake study, locally or internationally, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Loans are interest-free and tailored to the individual borrower, but are usually repaid over 1-2 years. There is also a fund or gift money, the prerequisite for such a gift being that it benefits a group of people. Donations to the fund are gratefully received.

For more information contact Gerrit Raichle:

“Anthroposophy is a pathway through life. It gives me a certain surety in terms of who I am and how I can function in the world and make sense of it.”

- Mark Geard

“I felt like I’d come home, like I belonged, I felt some really strong connection. I love the fact that there was so much that you can keep exploring and following your interest.”

- Peter Garlick