Anthroposophy in New Zealand

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In 1924 Rudolf Steiner developed a course of study based on meditative exercises that lead “The spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe”. This became the catalyst for the work of the School of Spiritual Science. Steiner established the First Class during a programme of study and spiritual pursuit during 1924 but was unable to establish the Second and Third Class before he became ill and subsequently passed away in 1925.

Rudolf Steiner had led an esoteric school from 1904 to the beginning of World War I. The three Classes of the School of Spiritual Science represent a metamorphosis and further development of that school.

This year the conference Building for the Future will be held in Motueka Top 10 Holiday Park, Friday evening June 3 to Sunday lunchtime June 5.

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“I think at the most basic level Anthroposophy has given me an incredible grounding, self awareness and sense of security that allows me to know the challenges in the world and equips me to meet those challenges with absolute love and understanding.”

- Lisa Seidel

“For me the wisdom of human beings is what I’m striving to realise in myself and bring out in others. Through being able to access the literature I found a world where even when I am alone, I am connected and in union with the whole.”

- Thomas Burton