Anthroposophy in New Zealand



In the words of Rudolf Steiner: “Anthroposophically oriented spiritual science will only become what it should be when it succeeds in no longer bringing in things like a predisposition toward mysticism, a remoteness from everyday life, or false idealism, and instead succeeds in carrying out into the world everything that can be taken up in anthroposophically oriented spiritual science: an enlivening of the soul life that carries it out into one’s limbs, such that it takes hold of the entire human being – not just their sense of faith or system of belief – and thereby influences the course of their everyday lives. This is the heart of the matter. We must seek in full earnest to achieve this.

Rudolf Steiner, February 7, 1920.

We invite you to a rich and active weekend of conference gathering and the Annual General Meeting for the ASNZ.

With the founding of the Christmas Conference Society in 1923, Rudolf Steiner made clear that the work of Anthroposophy is through the deeds of the Human Being into the world.

This conference will build on this work and explore the indications of the Christmas Conference, the developments of Anthroposophy and what the future is asking for to be developed now.

Conference Programme (downloadable PDF)

AGM Booklet (downloadable PDF)

Foundation Stone Meditation version (downloadable PDF)

Tauhara Site Map (downloadable pdf)

DATE: 18TH – 20THAUGUST 2023. Registration opens at 3pm on Friday 18th and we finish with lunch on Sunday

VENUE: Tauhara Retreat and Conference Centre, Acacia Bay, TAUPO


There is accommodation available on site and the conference low pricing depends upon us using that accommodation. There is also accommodation in nearby Acacia Bay and Taupo.


Three workshop options are possible.
1. WORKSHOP FULL – Artistic Geometry with Robin Bacchus.
In his childhood, Rudolf Steiner was overjoyed to discover Geometry because he found that it concerned ‘pure ideas’. A circle and a straight line are pure, universal ideas – they do not derive from an observation of nature – they are supersensible. “Here one is permitted to know something which the mind alone, through its own power, experiences.”

There are two sides to what we will do:
First: A universal element: the construction of forms using the classical Greek method of compass and straight edge.
Second: A uniquely individual element: the colouring of the forms to enhance the patterns that you perceive – all will be different.

I will show the assembled group a variety of forms from which to choose for tuition.
Please bring your own set of coloured pencils and if you have them a compass, ruler and set square. Paper will be provided. 

2. Workshop is now full. The Mandala of the Heart: An Artistic-Meditative approach to the Foundation Stone Meditation with Mark Geard.

3. Eurythmy with Sue Simpson. Human Soul: A eurythmy doorway to the Foundation Stone Meditaion.

Or you may prefer to spend the time on your own inner reflections of the lectures and morning session.
Or perhaps spend time in conversation on the theme.

Conference Registrations

We are not quite ready to take registrations for the conference.
The registration page is coming soon.

Accommodation at Tauhara is being managed by a local group and your details (please include a phone number) will be passed on if you contact us.


Off-site participant$265 
Bunkroom shared$320 
Self-Contained shared$380 
Caravan solo$330 
Campervan site powered$300 

Meals: All meals (vegetarian), morning & afternoon tea/coffee are included in the above prices. Catered meals start on Friday with dinner; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday.


Accommodation: Bedding hire of $20 per person includes all linen and towels. One off cost.

Special diets: Gluten Free – $25 surcharge. Vegan – $20 surcharge per person one off payment.

Part-time Conference Attendance is not being offered for this conference which is intended as live in experience of the theme.

While the conference is not closed to members of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand it is necessary to have an understanding of Anthroposophy to fully engage with this year’s theme. 

The AGM meeting is open to all but only ASNZ members can vote. Remember to bring your Pink or Blue card. 

Thank you for your patience.