Anthroposophy in New Zealand

You might be asking: what does transforming through the critical social encounter mean for me?

Anthroposophy is intended to be a way of thought, a path of knowledge and human wisdom. Over time each of us, humanity, the earth and the cosmos undergo metamorphosis – transformation. The social encounter involves warmth of heart and courage to step into the new.

How can we apply anthroposophical understanding to this experience?

The anthroposophical path invites in us gratitude for that which comes to us, opening a path of discovery into esoteric knowledge. The greater our understanding and compassion for the ways of destiny, the finer our sensitivity becomes for what human life is. We grow this capacity by understanding our human story often through the story of others. As we listen to each conference speaker a new social creativity is invited in. If we want to share a future then our future begins at the threshold of the Critical Social Encounter. It is a turning point where our individual and cultural transformations are made possible. Our ‘I’ is encouraged to develop in dialogue with another ‘I’ ; to grow beyond oneself is to transform.

Introducing conference 2021

  • Experience the warmth of the ‘I’ in yourself and in the other throughout conference
  • Key note speakers (followed by small group discussion sessions)
  • Facilitated themed break-out discussion sessions to engage with and develop what arises. Listen and take part as you feel inspired
  • A collection of afternoon workshops. Deepen your experiences or generate anew choosing from with a variety of specialised themes
  • Theatre and musical evening performances from local and national performers, musicians, eurythmists, including Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery drama (scene 4 from The Portal of Initiation)
  • Optional afternoon excursions to the Hamilton Gardens and River Ridge Birthing Centre – something unique from Hamilton.
  • See the conference schedule (Coming soon)

Hello from Kirikiriroa Hamilton

Come and celebrate our renewed ability to gather together for this year’s Society annual conference in Kirikiriroa. Through the three key speakers, workshop facilitators and artistic performers, and with new forms and questions, we will engage consciously and in real time with the theme of Transforming through the Critical Social Encounter.

What do we mean by the Critical Social Encounter? We are all involved with daily social encounters but most pass by, even unnoticed. When we consider what it is to stand upright in our own ‘I’ and encounter the other in their ‘I’, what happens in this exchange? What needs to come into this gap to make it creative?

The importance of these encounters was very apparent during the isolation events of the last year when we experienced firsthand a pause in physical community contact. What is this time right now asking of us? Have we an answer, or indeed, a question? What can we imagine for our future selves? We have many questions – can we work towards answers and even transform these into actions?

Celebrating the opportunity to gather in freedom, let us bring our heart forces together to echo our conference contributors. Sharing in our stories may we perceive the transformative forces; transformation as movement.


We begin conference with registration welcome desk open from 3pm on Thursday 7th October. The welcome and opening pōwhiri is at 4pm followed by dinner and the opening evening’s events. Conference closes with lunch on Sunday at 1pm.

Early-bird registration is available until Monday 13th September.

Accommodation information: Waikato Waldorf School is situated in the northeastern suburb of Huntington. Traveling around the city of Hamilton is relatively straight forward, however it is advisable to plan accommodation soon as options are limited due to covid isolation and emergency housing demands. We have negotiated with St Paul’s Collegiate School to book boarding rooms ($150 per person for three nights).

These must be pre-booked as a group and we have a staged process:

  • FIRST: register your interest now in the attached form and email to Florian Roger.
  • SECOND: Book and pay to confirm. We will email a booking confirmation and Florian will manage this between the school and conference delegates.

A minimum number is required and so registration of interest is imperative and we will pre-book upon this indication. Other options you may wish to look into include Hamilton City Holiday Park (07 855 8255), Hamilton Central Backpackers (07 839 1928) and AirBnB.

If you have transportation questions, please inform us via email when you register and we will aim to connect people for shared travel during conference. Hamilton Airport pickups on Thursday prior to conference start time are available.

Conference Details:

Conference Registrations

We are not quite ready to take registrations for the conference.
The registration page is coming soon.

For your information Fee Early Bird
Waikato $240 $220
Auckland/ Tauranga/Rotorua $210 $190
Rest of North Island $190 $170
South Island $160 $140

Meals: All meals (vegetarian), morning & afternoon tea/coffee. $120.

Part-time Conference Attendance will be available and details including workshop selection will show once registration is live.

Thank you for your patience.