Anthroposophy in New Zealand

The Goetheanum

The Goetheanum is the cultural centre of a network of people dedicated to Anthroposophy, spiritually and in their work and actions. It is also the home of The School of Spiritual Science, which consists of various Sections concerned with, and researching, different aspects of society. In addition to schooling and training, each section organises public conferences, lectures, exhibitions and performances. The School of Spiritual Science provides a focus for individuals’ contribution to the many practical domains of social life within an anthroposophical context.


The Youth Section’s vision is to create a world that values, supports and allows the potential and creativity of every young person to unfold in their full strength and brilliance.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences Section members are active in many fields in many parts of the world.


The Pedagogical Section works with various projects, which focus on specific themes for a period of time and which are worked on by a working group.

Natural Science

The Natural Science Section’s fields of research include biology, agricultural sciences, medicinal plants, chemistry, physics, and image-forming methods.


The tasks of the Medical Section comprise coordinating and supporting research and development of anthroposophic medicine and its different forms of therapy, worldwide.

Mathmatics and Astronomy

The tasks of the Mathematical-Astronomical Section includes research and teaching in the field of Mathematics and Astronomy within Anthroposophical Spiritual Science as well as the coordination of events and collaborative initiatives on a local and worldwide level.

Linguistic Arts and Humanities

The aim in the Literary Arts and Humanities Section is to foster, inspire and deepen the spiritual sciences generally known as ‘humanities’.a.


The Goetheanum is the cultural centre of a network of people dedicated to Anthroposophy, spiritually and in their work and actions.


The Visual Art Section encompasses painting, sculpture, graphics, architecture, interior design and furniture. It also includes artistic therapies based on visual arts, in collaboration with the Medical Section.

Eurythmy, Speech, Drama and Music

This Section integrates the performing arts, bringing them to life on stage and working in concert with other sections to develop their pedagogical and therapeutic potential.


The Agriculture Section creates meeting points for people who are looking for a spiritual-scientific deepening in agriculture through courses, conferences, individual opportunities to study and stimuli to work on farms, as well as through publications.