Anthroposophy in New Zealand



  • Each year every member is asked to reaffirm their membership of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand. There is a recommended annual membership contribution expected from each member. The figure for 2023 remains the same as for the previous year at $350. It is the sum required for the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand (ASNZ) to carry out its core responsibilities and activities. These include sending a specific sum to the Goetheanum on behalf of each member. 
  • While the Society cannot exist without membership contributions, no one will be excluded from the Society due solely to an inability to pay their membership contribution. It is hoped all members will pay some level, however small, of membership contribution except in special circumstances. It is essential that members unable to meet their membership responsibilities keep the Society informed by contacting the treasurer. 
  • This year there is a change to the form with regards to the payments for ASNZ and GAS. Confirmation from our accountant has been sought to allow a change to the format of payments. You can make your payment wholly to the ASNZ and receive a receipt to make a Donation claim to IRD for the full amount. The Council will allocate money for the annual payment to the GAS. You can continue to specify a separate amount for the GAS, however, this will not be claimable for an IRD Donation tax refund. 
  • If there is no timely response to this annual request for a contribution, a reminder will be sent. Every endeavour will be made to contact the member. If there is no contact after 2 years, the members name will be removed from the members list database. 
  • Couples or households with more than one member should complete and return separate forms, one for each member.  

How to contribute – UPDATED MARCH 2023

By annual, biannual, quarterly, or monthly Bank Payment or by Credit Card — A single annual payment is our preferred option, it greatly reduces administration. With a biannual, quarterly, or monthly automatic payment, you can spread the annual payment of $350 over 2 x biannual payments of $175; 4 x quarterly payments of $87.50; or 12 x monthly payments of $29.17. Whatever you decide you can manage, spread the payments consistently. 

  1. If you have an automatic payment already set up, please REVIEW it in your banking app for correctness of details as set out in this form.  
  2. If you have previously paid weekly or fortnightly, we would ask that you please change to a monthly amount that you can manage.  
  3. If you are unable to contribute financially this year please let us know below, after affirming your contact details.