Making sound visible 

In October 2019 the “Light-Eurythmy-Group” will be touring New Zealand. The Performing artists from Switzerland have been travelling the world for many years.

 Eurythmy is neither dance nor mime, but an art of movement which makes speech and music visible. Eurythmy uses for its expression the most flexible of all instruments – the human body. Eurythmy propounds that each sound is universal and has its own distinctive movement, whether that sound be consonant, vowel, tone or the interval between tones.

  This art of making sound visible through movement was developed 1912 by Rudolf Steiner an Austrian writer, scientist, artist and philosopher (1861-1925). The word Eurythmy stems from Greek and means beautiful, harmonious rhythm. The Light-Eurythmy-Group is based in Arlesheim-Dornach near Basel in Switzerland.    

  Thomas Sutter who has led the group for the past two decades says:

“Lighteurythmy” is the name of our group. This word was created by Rudolf Steiner and refers to the lighting impulse given for Eurythmy, which we cultivate in our performances. Lighteurythmy is not restricted to technical lighting, but includes the eurythmy process, whereby movement, inner striving and outer light become unified. Movement is led by light and conjures colour into the air. With Eurythmy we open and unfold forces of light. Eurythmy is a light-filled art, that spreads light and colour. “

  Eurythmy is not only performed on stage, but is taught worldwide in Steiner Schools from kindergarten to Class 12, as part of the curriculum. It is also practised therapeutically for illnesses and general well-being.


 The little ones will enjoy the journey of the four animals in “the Bremen Town musicians”. How they come together in their search to become musicians and how they courageously conquer their new home, “which suited them so well, that they did not care to leave it any more“  It is accompanied by light filled music.

 “Peter and the Wolf”: This lovely musical story by Sergei Prokofiev, brings joy to children and adults alike, it is especially charming to see all the different animals and persons come to life through Eurythmy. Each Character has its own melody and even the garden gate and the grass around the pond begin to dance. Everyone loves the animals and birds and all are eager to find out if Peter succeeds to catch the great grey wolf! 


  “The Song of the Earth” is a colourful programme of poetry and music, which raises questions about our relationship to the earth. Even if the trenches we dig, criss cross her skin and the craters gape like wounds, mother earth resounds from all her wounds and crevices. But she needs us to reconnect to the sources of our thinking and deeds. It has its culmination in the “Fairies Scene” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, where the queen of the fairies states that “the seasons change for a reason.” 

October 2019


Th 3rd       7pm Opening Performance  Antroposophical Conference (Homunkulus), Yeats: 

                                                                        Second Coming, I would enkindle   Music Riho

Sa  5th       7pm The song of the Earth I matter to matter (public Performance)

Su  6th       8 30am Grundstein       3pm  Peter and the Wolf  Rudolf Steiner School Christchurch

Tue 8th      10 30am   Peter and the Wolf  Hohepa Christchurch


Fr 11th       1pm “Fairies in the Park“ 7 30pm The song of the Earth Trafalgar Hall, Nelson

Sa 12th       7 30pm   The song of the Earth  Riverside Community Motueka

Su 13th       2pm Peter and the Wolf  for Motueka Steiner School  


Tue 15th    9 30am Bremen town musicians, 11 15am, Peter and the Wolf 1 30pm Highschool,   

                   7pm The Song of the Earth Raphaelhouse School Wellington

We 16th      11 10am Bremen,1 30pm Peter + Wolf  Te Rah School  Kapiti Coast

Hawkes Bay

Fr 18th       10 50am Bremen town musicians, 11 40am Peter+Wolf, 2 10pm Highschool 

                   Taikura Waldorf School 

Sa 19th       4pm Peter and the Wolf  +  7pm The song of the Earth   Hohepa Clive


Mo 21st     9 30am Bremen town musicians 11 10am Peter + Wolf Waikato Waldorf School


Tue  22      Michael Park School Auckland 10 30am B.T.M 11 30 Peter+ Wolf 2 30pm  Highsch

Sydney Australia

Sa 26th      4pm  The Song of the Earth” + Foundation Stone  Rudolf Steiner House Sydney 


Su 27th      2pm „The Song o the Earth”  50 years  Warrah Celebration (Light -version)

Mo 28th     10 30am  Peter and the Wolf for Children and Residents in Warrah

Tue 29th    9 45am Bremen town musicians, 11 30  High School, 2 15pm  Peter and the Wolf

                   7 30pm The Song of the Earth    Lorien  Novalis Steiner  School  Sydney