Brave New … Intelligence

If not human … then whose

3 – 6 October, Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School

Artificial intelligence is very much in the news these days, as is data collection by major companies to mine information about us (Google, Facebook). This intelligence is apparently far greater than we humans can compete with and becomes ever more intimately bound up in our daily lives. Intelligence which observes us, predicts and prescribes our patterns of thought and behaviour, and moves closer to pre-empting our decision-making. An intelligence which is literally capable of getting under our skin.

How do we understand intelligence in our world? How do we deepen our human intelligence through strengthening our heart forces – so that our will can become active in the Michaelic spiritual impulse of our time? How do we do this in ways that can bring balance to the onslaught of materialistic scientific and technological practices and machines? Where is this happening in the world? Social, emotional, moral, ethical, spiritual intelligences?

What will freedom and individuality mean for us if we achieve the “perfect harmony” of Man and Machine which goes by the name of the “Singularity” (Kurzweil)? Who or what will benefit from it?

Join us in exploring these issues with renowned author, activist, and anthroposophist Nicanor Perlas, together with local experts in related fields, in talks, discussions, workshops, and performance.