Recently Jan Baker-Finch and I met with Stefan Hassler, section leader for the Performing Arts, in Dornach. This meeting was important to be sure that we were on course to eventually have the course recognised. We left encouraged, knowing that much is already in place and we’re well on the way to completing the immediate tasks.

In 2019 Stefan will visit New Zealand (3-8 May) and fly to Australia where he will have the opportunity to visit Pacifica and observe lessons. The task of a mentor is important for the training, having an outside eye observe the work can give greater objectivity and help the course develop.

There is a circle of seven eurythmists carrying this impulse, five based in Australia and two in New Zealand, Elien Hoffmans and me. We are looking to build a wider circle of support, inviting those people who care about eurythmy and want to see it flourish in the future, to help build a solid and sustainable foundation. Some will be able to give financially; all will keep a flame of support alive in their hearts and communicate their enthusiasm to others. To flourish the training needs students, we may begin small and in time will grow out of the commitment and effort fostered in the first years.

During 2019, I will travel to Brisbane to teach two four-week sessions. I am grateful for support to do this work. Eurythmy is the daughter of Anthroposophy, we need eurythmists for our schools, organisations and life, and we need centres of learning.

If you want to know more or give your support, please contact me:


Post:  91 Simla Avenue, Havelock Nth

Sue Simpson

General Secretary