“Human beings discover themselves through others.”

Rudolf Steiner expands on this simple yet remarkable sentence by Martin Buber in his four mystery dramas.

It is therefore not surprising that staging these works of art again and again in a whole variety of ways, in order to secure the depth of our working and being together, is one of the most magical and memorable traditions found in anthroposophy. The more we rely on each other in today‘s differentiated world, experiencing how our confusion often distorts this depth, the more relevant it seems to me today to both perform and to see these plays.

Fifteen groups of individuals from all over the world – from Italy to Israel – will be gathering at the Goetheanum between July 21 and 25, 2018 for the summer conference to share with us the audience and with each other as performers what they have discovered and understood of Rudolf Steiner’s mystery dramas, his social sculpture. 

In brief, there will be a festival this coming summer, where we can discover in what ways the spirit of anthroposophy lives and breathes in the souls of different cultures: will you be there for it?


With very best wishes

Wolfgang Held
Head of Communications at the Goetheanum