Dear Friends,

Some friends have asked how they may stay in contact with me in view of some of the changes which have occurred in my work at the Goetheanum. It seems appropriate to answer these questions, which actually are not complicated at all! In 2015, after 31 years in the Executive Council at the Goetheanum (Vorstand) I withdrew from this work, however, I continued on in the Goetheanum Leadership group. The leadership group includes the members of the Executive Council and the section leaders. My task was with the General Anthroposophical Section in regard to a coordination with the Class holders. Now, in December, I have also withdrawn from this leadership group and this task, which I carried for a number of years and which now is with Paul Mackay.

In the summer during the months of July and the first part of August 2017 Frau Meyer Jeserich, my assistant, and I worked through 33 years of accumulated documents, letters, books and so on. It had been my desire for several years that Dr. Constanza Kaliks should move into my larger office because of her work with the Youth Section. So in the summer we exchanged offices. All of the documents which were in my office in many cupboards are now in the Goetheanum Archives except for the ones which were no longer relevant and were then destroyed.

My new office is on the same floor by the North elevator. It was painted anew in a lovely light pink shade. The original painting of the Last Supper by Margarita Woloschin also is now in this office. Many of you have had the opportunity to admire this painting. Some of the amethysts and crystals also found their way into the new location.

My e-mail remains the same, virginia.sease at as does the direct telephone number to the office (0041 61 706 4313) and the telephone number which some of you may have (0041 61 706 4312).

Frau Meyer Jeserich whom many of you know just at this time reached retirement age, however she is willing to continue to work with me on a reduced time schedule as an assistant for an emerita member of the Executive Council.

My work for the Antroposohical Society and for the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science continues upon request when the circumstances are appropriate.

My ongoing daily work continues to be with the Anthroposophical Studies in English which this year comprises both a first year and a second year with wonderful students from many different countries. The second year is possible also because of the my colleague Joan Sleigh.We share the courses in both years.

As before in previous years it is always a joy to welcome you, personally for longer or shorter visits at the Goetheanum.

With many warm greetings and good wishes for your anthroposophical work

Virginia Sease, Ph.D.

Emerita member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society