In April 2017, Justus Wittich the treasurer at the Goetheanum, shared with council representatives from around the world, the challenge the Goetheanum faced of a CH 400K deficit. To his immense surprise and gratitude the spontaneous response from these anthroposophical councils was that between them, they were able to guarantee CH 270K towards the current deficit. Whilst this initiative greatly reduced the deficit, there is still a projected shortfall of over CH 130K to cover.

New Zealand and our colleagues around the world, have received a request to openly engage with the treasurer and the financial advisory group to explore opportunities towards meeting this shortfall. This invitation has been extended to encourage our proactive engagement in the financial planning for the years to come. The goal is to create a realistic and positive financial situation both for the work at the Goetheanum and the life of the New Zealand Society, that is both realistic and sustainable for New Zealand.

We invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions in the discussions at the upcoming AGM. We will share any further information gleaned prior to the AGM. This is highly relevant to the topic the Goetheanum’s relationship to the world and the world’s relationship to the Goetheanum. If you’re unable to attend the AGM and have ideas to share please contact Silke Carter.