During a weekend workshop held in Auckland in September last year a group of people explored the theme “Plant Morphology and Planets” in Eurythmy and Painting, led by Ellen Jane Schildt van Geest and in plant observations led by Gill Bacchus and Marion Koppenol. After this workshop a group of enthusiastic women with a wide range of skills and professions formed a Plant Study Group that meets in Hamilton once every three months. At those meetings we do special exercises to hone our skills in observing plants and their metamorphosis processes in nature and in reflecting on the way observed forms resonate in one’s human body. We follow Goethean and Phenomenological observation methods. Every three months we all carry out the same home-based vegetable trial ( e.g. on silver beet sown under different constellations) and share our observations, measurements, drawings and experiences with smell and taste at the next meeting. The group also functions as a platform where members can share and exchange their individual interests and studies such as on medicinal native plants or the Chinese yam (light root) or the nettle. Gill Bacchus observes forms of vegetable plants such as carrots and beetroot to understand how different formative forces could be working in them and how their growth can be affected by applying biodynamic preparations. She would like to hear from anyone interested in working in this area. Gill’s email address is


A number of members of the group have noticed an increase in the population of native birds in the garden or on the land after 2 to 3 years of using BD preparations and especially after using the preparation 501 for the first time. If you have observed effects of the use of the BD preparations on native bird life we would love to hear from you. Just send Maree Smith – the contact person for the Plant Study Group – an e-mail with your findings. Maree’s email address is

From Maree Smith, Marion Koppenol and Gill Bacchus