Martin Large is on a learning and lecture tour inquiring into ‘common wealth’ community initiatives, civic projects and social businesses. Father of four children, Quaker, student of Rudolf Steiner’s education and social thinking, former academic, business consultant, publisher with Hawthorn Press, he is founder of the UK Biodynamic Land Trust and a director of Stroud (UK) Common Wealth Ltd which enables co-op, cultural and social businesses e.g. community land trusts.  Author of Social Ecology (1981); Set Free Childhood (2002); Futures that Work (2003), Common Wealth (2010)
‘What society do we want and how do we get there?’ are burning questions
we all face, if we are to leave a more equal, free, prosperous and earth-caring world for our grandchildren. It’s up to all of us, as there is no wealth but life. I look forward to sharing burning questions and peoples’  ‘leadings’ from the social future they see emerging. ‘ Martin Large

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