After three years of much work on Monday 15th May 2017 the Waiheke Island Steiner School opened its doors.  The community there, and our wider Steiner school network, are very excited about our new fledgling school. 
There is still work to be done to guarantee the sustainability of the school. They are settled for the rest of the year but will then need to move and are currently seeking a new venue on the island where they can settle, put roots down and flourish.
Waiheke Island Steiner School is very keen to share news of their school, and also a call for support from the anthroposophical community. There may be people who are willing to help us on their journey.  This is the first Waldorf school to open in New Zealand in the past 15 years and they would very much like the school to be sustainable and one that other people could come to for help and assistance when starting up a Waldorf School in New Zealand.
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