Alamandria: The Art of Self-Mastery, Mindfulness and Meditation are now in year 5 of running their retreats and courses. Last November they facilitated their inaugural Art of Meditation 2: Colour as a Pathway to Spiritual Experience adding to their family of programmes which include the preliminary course The Art of Self-Mastery and Mindfulness as well as The Art of Meditation 1: An Introduction to Meditation through Creativity.

Alamandria Community Vision

Mark and Emily of Alamandria are now launching a partner initiative called Alamandria Community Vision, which is in the process of becoming a charitable trust with the intention of becoming a registered charity. The mission of this initiative will help empower individuals to realise their true human potential through self-mastery programmes focussed on experiential creative processes, meditation and mindfulness techniques as well as talks and discussion groups. The outcome of these programmes is to cultivate personal discovery, self-knowledge and esteem-building. Through positive self-awareness individuals can meet the world with optimism, courage and the ability to co-create social change in their own communities.

The Art of Self-Mastery for Youth – Finding the Inner Hero – this programme will be for Year 12 and 13 secondary school students. The aim is to help youth develop self-affirming personal development skills to enable independence of thought, emotional stability and self-motivation for a safe transition into adulthood. This programme is being developed to meet many of the challenges within contemporary youth culture such as bullying, self-esteem issues, the influence of technology on personal health and wellbeing, and the debilitating effects of drugs and alcohol. This programme will consist of discussion groups, experiential creative workshops, talks and self-mastery & mindfulness forums.

The Art of Self-Discovery for Prison Inmates – Walking the Path of Mindful Change – this programme aims to extend the therapy work Mark has already undertaken at Rimutaka Prison over the last four years by implementing group sessions on mindfulness and self-mastery for inmates. The aim is to help facilitate change and awaken the unique positive potential that lives within every individual and to support the very worthwhile work being done within the special treatment unit Te Whare Manaakitanga. By becoming responsible change-makers of their own lives inmates can become positive contributors to our society.

The Art of Self-Empowerment for Women – Becoming the Authentic Self – this programme is a series of workshops that utilises unique creative processes to help women find their own inner pathway to self-healing, self-acceptance and self-confidence as well as techniques to maintain ongoing self-care. The workshops will cover archetypal themes of empowerment, courage, transformation and the ennoblement of the soul. Course content will also include visualisation methods, self-mastery, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

These are a significant series of programmes that hope to bring renewal into the communities of Aotearoa. The aim is to be able to provide these programmes free of charge so as to make these programmes accessible to all.

You can help Alamandria create this community vision to enable positive social change in Aotearoa New Zealand by donating online at: