The IPMT organisers would like to warmly invite you to this year’s IPMT taking place Wednesday July 12-Wednesday July 19 at Emmanuel College in Brisbane.
This year’s training week promises to be a very rich one. We will be under the leadership of Dr Matthias Girke new co-leader of the Medical Section, part of the founding group of Havelhöhe Hospital in Berlin, and author of Internal Medicine: Foundations and Therapeutic Concepts of Anthroposophic Medicine. If any of you have had a chance to look through this amazing book, you will know the depth of Matthias’ clinical experience and knowledge of anthroposophy and anthroposophic medicine and therapy. We are very thankful that he has agreed to join us for this last of the IPMTs in our series where he will be leading a workshop stream as well as giving the evening talks.
Have a look at our new workshops in the Workshop Description pages. We have an expanded faculty this year and many new choices to consider. Our aim is to make the workshops as useful as possible to your professional situation. 
If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to get into touch.
It would also be very helpful to us if you would forward the attached  information to anyone you think might be interested. Your enthusiasm for our work together is the most important recommendation and we appreciate your help.
Mary Green
For the IPMT organising group