A heartfelt thank you to everybody who participated in the 2016 Conference. There was much buzz and conversation in the weeks following. Here are some snippets:

“I enjoyed the Conference as a gathering of like minded people. I was inspired by the speakers, especially Emily Fletcher and the kaumatua.”

“The programme was well balanced with a Northern Maori woman, tohanga (Tahi) opening the conference on Friday evening.  2 lectures from Ron Dunselman Sat and Mon and Emily Fletcher doing the Sunday morning lecture. We were engaged in deep conversations in response to the lectures. Our afternoon workshops varied greatly. On Sunday we heard a moving, personal story from Tahi. The report from the initiatives on Sunday evening took one and a half hours. Ellen and Peter’s 5 minute presentation on Motueka Rudolf Steiner School included the drone photos of the land and a plea to be a Friend of MRSS with regular donations.”

“The Conference showed that Anthroposophy is alive and active in the community, and this is hopeful indeed.”

“The humorous highlight was the Class 12 Mummers Play  written by two class 12 students. This witty skit about Saint George and the dragon also featured Santa Claus, the tooth Fairy, Rudolf Steiner, Saint Michael and an enthusiastic 21st century prompt.”

“The conference venue and catering was superb. I’m pleased I attended and have returned feeling more open and flexible to my own Meditative practices.”

“I have gained personally from the event in that it has helped me to become a lot calmer in a life challenging situation. I appreciate those who have organised the event as this is where we can connect and reenergise our own paths.”

“It was excellent and just what I needed!”