Over the 40 years of its existence, many people have been connected with the Wellington Branch. Many have moved on and shifted around New Zealand and for that reason, this news may be of interest to a number of members around the country:

The present home in Pretoria Street was purchased in July 1986 by a small group of individuals who owned it by having shares in the property.  It was their wish that the property be used for anthroposophical activities. The plan was the Wellington Group would step-by-step buy the property from them.  Over time our local branch has bought a proportion of shares from the original owners, and now we are aiming to complete the last step of this process with the help of an appeal to our wide community. 

There have been many anthroposophical activities over the years in the building. It is now also the home of the Aurora Collective of Therapists. The house is therefore very well used and we would like to secure it for such activities for the future.

We launched our appeal at the beginning of June and the final transaction took place on the 4th July, the 30th anniversary of the original purchase, and also our AGM. We have had wonderful and most heartening responses so far and are getting closer to our goal every day.


We are delighted to announce that with $29,000 gifts and $20,000 private loans, we paid the required amount at our AGM on the 4th July.

This will secure this venue for all the activities of the Branch as well as for Aurora, a collective of therapists. Our capacity (around 30 active members) to pay back the loans is limited and therefore we leave our appeal open. If you will would like to help, you can make an on-line payment to ANZ 01-0505-0459458-00, and e-mail or post Doris your details to receive a tax receipt to claim your tax rebate; or you can send a cheque including your details to: Doris Zuur, Treasurer, 59 Wellington Road, Paekakariki, 5034 and you will be sent a tax receipt.

With our heartfelt appreciation, for the Branch Committee

Matthew ter Borg, Secretary, anthropsocwb@gmail.com, 04-565-1780

Gerald Richardson, gemp@inspire.net.nz, 04-565-3836

Doris Zuur, Treasurer, doris.zuur@gmail.com, 04-905-6500