Mathematics and Astronomy

  The Mathematics and Astronomy Section is not active at present in New Zealand. Anyone interested in this work should contact Sue Simpson.

 Jupiter Journal

The Mathematics and Astronomy Section of the School of Spiritual Science has published a Section journal called Jupiter. The first two issues are now available and the editors state their intention in the first issue:

“...It contains contributions and correspondence on astronomical and anthroposophical subjects.”

The spectrum of the contributions is intended to be wide.  It includes fundamental, applied and pedagogical articles, but also artistically designed contributions, reports, appraisals, reviews and letters to the editor.  In order to complement one another, the contributions on mathematics in Jupiter are co-ordinated with the editor of the journal Mathematisch-Physicalise Korrespondenz.

Jupiter may become a forum where ideas are exchanged.  On the one hand, we want to cultivate the exchange with interviews, reports, and  discussions about current questions; on the other hand, this journal has a world wide editorial board and the articles may be published in English or German. .....”

The first issue has two articles in English: one is the memoirs of Olive Whicher (1910 -2006) and the other a report of a group working on projective geometry in South Africa by Briar Pastoll. All other articles are in German, and to give an indication of content: Jupiter and the Sun (Liesbeth Bisterbosch), Moser's Sequence (Sebastian von Verschuer), the Polarity of Reflection and Rotation (U Hansen), and an interview with G. Kowol, professor of mathematics in Vienna. There is also a section about various publications.

Issue two has a very interesting article: Man and the Universe in Current Academic (mainstream) Cosmology {ger: Der Mensch und das Weltall in der heurigen akademischen Kosmology} by K Rudnicki (a Polish astronomer and anthroposophist); Cosmological Principles, (Kraków, 1995)  deals with the same issue - what is the position of the human being in mainstream cosmology?  In this book, he discusses various versions of the anthropic principle, which basically states that the universe is uniquely accommodating to the human being. There is also an interesting article by R Ziegler on Rudolf Steiner and the calculation of infinity {Rudolf Steiner und die Berechnung der Unendlichkeit}, and an interview with W. Kraul, a Waldorf upper school teacher about observational astronomy and its dissemination amongst people.  This issue also contains an article by E. Vreede: The justification of (the use of) Mathematics in Astronomy and its Limitations {Die Berechtigung der Mathematik in der Astronomie und ihre Grenzen} ; it has been revised by Joachim Schultz from a recently found manuscript in the library of the Mathematics and Astronomy Section at the Goetheanum.  There are some further reflections on the life of Olive Whicher by A. Wolpert. 

Other regular items that feature in the journal include book reviews, and an events calendar.

The journal is well produced with an annual subscription of €30 or CHF50 (around NZ$54, excluding postage). For those who have mastered German and are interested in mathematics and astronomy from a goetheanistic-anthroposophical approach, this journal is well worth subscribing to.

For further details contact Jupiter Journal 

 Diederic Ruarus