Ita Wegman Biography

Ita Wegman, a close pupil of Rudolf Steiner, was chosen by him in 1923 to be part of the original Executive Council of the newly founded Anthroposophical Society, along with Marie Steiner, Guenther Wachsmuth, Albert Steffen, and Elizabeth Vreede. These individualities are remembered as some of the greatest pioneers of spiritual science.


  Biography of Dr Ita Wegman
1876 Born on 22 February on a sugar plantation in west Java, the first child of Dutch parents.
1882 or 1883 The family moved to a sugar plantation in east Java.
1890 od. 1891-1895 Attended school in Arnheim (Holland) before returning to Java.
1896 First contacts with the Theosophical Society in Indonesia.
1899 or 1900 Permanent transfer to Europe.
1900-1902 Study of physical education in Holland.
1902 Meeting with Rudolf Steiner in Berlin. Member of the German section of the Theosophical (starting from 1913: Anthroposophical) society.
1902-1905 Study of new Massage methods in Berlin. Moved to Zurich.
1906-1911 Studied Medicine in Zurich.
1912-1917 Worked as a physician.
1917-1920 In joint practice in Zurich. Development of the cancer cure "Iscador".
1920 Moved to work in Basel (practiced there until 1926).
1921-1940 Set up clinic in Arlesheim which became the centre of anthroposophic medical research, in particular cancer research, and the centre of anthroposophic medical development. Co-operation with R. Steiner, particularly in the area of new therapies.
1922-1935 Cooperation and support of the new pharmacy  Weleda AG in Arlesheim.
1923-1924 Co-authored together with R. Steiner: Fundamentals of Therapy. Journeys with R. Steiner to England, Austria, Holland and France.
1923 December: Member of the board of the new Anthroposophical Society and leader of the Medical Section of the new School for Spiritual Science.
1924-1925 Medical care and support of R. Steiner who died 30 March 1925.
Starting from 1925 Support of the new curative educational movement in Europe (until 1939 involving twenty-two homes). Establishment of a school in Arlesheim. Numerous journeys until 1935.
1926-1940 Writing for Magazine Natura and supplements for physicians, numerous essays until 1932.
1927-1934 Practice of anthroposophical medicine and curative work, particularly in Germany, Holland and England.
1928 Establishment of an independent Clinic in Austria. "World Conference" in London. Beginning of the series of publications of the Natura.
1931 Establishment of medical centres in Berlin and London.
1932 Journey to Greece and Asia Minor.
1934 Long illness. Journey to Istanbul and Palestine.
1935 Exclusion from the Anthroposophical Society (14 April 1935).
1936 Establishment of "Casa Andrea Cristoforo" in the Tessin. Iceland journey.
1937 Establishment of the curative-educational home "La Motta" in the Tessin and a medical centre in Paris.
1939 Journey to Bulgaria.
1940 Until 1943: Medicine research, lecture activity.
1943 Died on 4 March in Arlesheim.
  Source: J.E. Zeylmans van Emmichoven: Who was Ita Wegman? Heidelberg 1992